Pasargad Neshan-e- Pars at a look:

Pasargad Neshan Pars mineral producing and supplying company is of companies that activity in the field of exploration , extraction of mines and commercial in iran. Mineral activities of this company began in 1998 and part of extraction of mines began its activities in 2006 in Iran.

It company has some activities in the field of extraction of metal and nonmetal stones such as chromite in Khorasan-e- razavi, copper Gebalbarez and Shahrbabak in Kerman province, Magnetit Iron Stone in Khorasan-e-jonobi province, gold  Gebalbarez in Kerman province and  Orange marble Mashhad in Khorasan-e- razavi province and also performs exploitaion and exploration and processing of raw minerals. Managers of this company during years do commercial activities such as exports and imports such as export of chromite and iron ore to china and membership of the managers of this company in the board of directors of large companies such as alsamaniye in UAE , 8th Mining AB, Stockholm, Sweden and Top Echo Middle East company.

Image of mines on Geology maps (1:250000) Mashhad and Sarakhs with Google Earth map

Image of mines on Geology maps (1:100000) Joghatay-Frumod-Bashten-Davarzan with Google Earth map

Image of mines on Geology maps (1:100000) Joghatay-Frumod-Bashten-Davarzan with Google Earth map

Image of mine on Geology maps(1:100000) Shahr-e-Babak with Google Earth map

Image of mines on Geology maps(1:100000) Narmashir-Jabal Barez-Hana-Nagisan with Google Earth map

Image of mines on Geology maps(1:100000) Jabal Barez-Hana-Nagisan with Google Earth map

Personnel configuration of Pasargad Neshan-e- Pars engineering company:

Mineral personnel of this company have academic education in the field of minerals and geology and also several software expertises in the field of minerals and geology. Of course the strategy of this company is to use experienced counselors include university professors and mineral managers (Sarcheshmeh_Rafsanjan ferrochrome factory and …) in order to education, promotion and update the knowledge and skills of management, technical, official, commercial and sale is.

Skills of company experts:

– Experience of team work in many mineral projects in different provinces.

– Average mineral and geological experience about 5 years for mineral personnel.

– Dominance of all mineral personnel of company in seven skills and mineral angeological softwares.

– Experienced experts with certificate of ARC GIS – SURFER – SURPAC.

– Experienced experts with certificate of membership in mineral engineering system organization of Kerman province.

Performace of mineral group of Pasargad Neshan-e- Pars company:

Mineral group of company in order to promotion and update of mineral personnel and development of company, present their own consultation and executive services in the following fields to the Pasargad Neshan_e Pars company:

  • Planning and codification of performances for mineral areas:
  • Establishment of strategic manegment system
  • Planning of visit processes and extensive search
  • Planning for prioritize areas with anomaly
  • Check and survey of visted areas and resolve shortcomings of areas on track

Design, evaluate and check of mineral areas:

  • Evaluation of mineral projects, production of briefing plan, planning and control of  mineral projects.
  • Drawing and productin of needed reports in the field of on check areas
  • Recheck of areas if it is necessary
  • Presenting of extencive reports in scale 1/10000 in areas and with analysis of samples
Goals and planning of Pasargad Neshan-e- Pars company:

Due to the daily increase of metal mines especially chromite in Esfandagheh in Kerman province for ferrochrome processing factory belongs to Top-Eco Middle East company and copper for leaching factory belongs to the same company in Kerman province, importance of scientific development and application of active companies in mineral industry, Pasargad Neshan_e Pars company have a long time plan in order to marketing and mineral commercial and equipment related to mine in intact market of Iran on the basis of knowledge and experience of managers with their own experts that include long time goals which it is hoped we can go through our path with empathy and solidarity and using criticisms and recommendations of dear customers and also dear co-workers, every day in order to reach this goals in order to become able to have a small portion in development and success of our dear country to reach the modern technology in the field of processing of chrome and copper and also competing with the proposed countries in this field.

Goals and plans:

  1. Attention to internal mineral production for internal uses of country and preventing raw sale of minerals.

  1. Supporting scientific designs and ideas of mineral consultants and  investment in order to activate mineral areas and development of internal production in the form of constant slogan of Iran.

  1. employment through investment in mines of company and transfering the experience to the youth of the country.

  1. Attracting the target market and also fair and useful competition with mineral groups.

  1. Supplying raw materials of mineral that is chromite for Top-Eco Middle East company in Rafsanjan city in Kerman province as the largest minerals processing factory in Kerman province and also in Iran with yearly processing capacity equal to 200000 tons ferrochrome that needs over 700000 tons raw materials every year which ready by this company.

At the end we point out some projects that designed and performed by the experts of this  company:

1- Supervision on Chadormalo drillings in iron ston  mine in  years 2011 and 2012.

2- Planning of search and exploration of copper mines of Kerman province.

3- Extraction of copper mine of Shahrbabak after compelety explorations and 1500 meters drillings.

4- Give consultation of marketing and commercial to Zarsazan Kian Maadan-e- Kavir    company.

5- Marketing and commercial consultant of Taamin Ghatee Mahan company.

Core drilling machines

Native Copper Core drilling

Placer Iron

Copper ore depo

Chrome Ore depo