To make Pasargad Neshan Pars a very dynamic organization with high technical and managerialcapabilities enjoying international standards to enable Pasargad Neshan Pars to rank among the Mineral high level companies .


Pasargad Neshan Pars is steering development, empowerment and competitiveness of mine and mining industries sector and converting its resources and products to sustainable wealth of the country.


1. Increasing production and productivity relying on existing facilities
2. developing service level to reach the global market
3. Improving customer satisfaction
4. Reducing wastes and reworks and increasing the productivity of machinery
5. Optimizing performance of machineries and equipment to reduce work risks
6. Promoting the scientific level of personnel
7. Maintaining and improving the level of health and safety of employees and reducing occupational diseases and accidents
8. Preventing and reducing environmental pollution through education and following environmental standards
9. Energy efficiency