Sunday, July 4, 2021

According to Mining News Pro – Amin Ebrahimi, chief executive of Khuzestan Steel Company met with the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Morteza Pourabdi. Also, Morteza Jafari, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Railway Operation, was present in the meeting.

Pourabdi said: “Rail transport is one of the safest means of transportation in the country. We are proud that the history of the country’s railway cooperation with Khuzestan Steel Company dates back to four decades ago.”

“Khuzestan Steel is an export-oriented companies, and on the other hand, transportation of raw materials and export by rail is safer and more economical. The cooperation between Khuzestan Steel Company and Railway is not limited to transportation but also to the exchange of information and expertise along with the use of successful experiences.” Ebrahimi said.

“Rail loading, transportation, entry and unloading of iron ore on time leads to production stability,” he emphasized.

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