Coring drilling operations:

Major drilling operations in drilling operations monitoring projects are as follows:

Row Drilling AreaType of Drilling Machineminimum and Maximum depth of drilling(M)Number of BoreholeVertical / Angular DrillingDepth Drilling
1Kerman-Shahr-e-babak Mehrpaien Copper Mine Sondaj – 4 Cylinder70-2009Vertical and Angular 1500
2Kerman-Shahr-e-babak Paghaleh Copper MineSondaj – 4 Cylinder73-2158Angular 700
3Bauxite JajarmSondaj – 4 Cylinder36-10628Vertical1783
4Chromite SabzevarDB 120060-30011Angular 1600
5Salt Zanjan DB 850105-2365Vertical and Angular 831.04
6Kerman- Southern Kerman- South Jabalbarez Copper MineDB 850100-1507Vertical and Angular 700
7Zahedan- Gold MineDB 85050.4-254.455Angular 626.8
8Birjand- Chromite MineDB 85020.90-43.405Angular 125.75
9Yazd- Dasht Deh West Bauxite MineDB 85020 – 111.5 21Vertical and Angular 1066.25
10Yasuj – Dehdasht Mandun Bauxite MineSondaj – 4 Cylinder45 – 2022Vertical712.7


Geomat Karmania Engineering Firm

Approved by Iran National Cartographic Center and related agencies:


  • Photogrammetric surveying

Mapping science has evolved dramatically in recent years with the use of photogrammetry. The change has occurred as a result of savings in construction projects and costs compared to land surveying. Furthermore, accuracy, quality and variety of products in this field of work have convinced all departments and organizations make a significant contribution to photogrammetric mapping in projects.

  • Work History Report of Company

In 2015, this company began examining photogrammetric mapping. It has taken more than a year of trial and error and various tests to reach the capability of UAV mapping method with high quality, speed, and accuracy. We have been involved in photogrammetric mapping for more than 4 years.

Located in Kerman, Geomat Karmania Engineering Company sells, rents, repairs, and calibrates surveying equipment as well as manufactures and distributes surveying drones, representing brands such as South , Stonex , Sanding , Kolida , Comfort , leica , Dji UAV in Kerman province.

This company and the members have done the following types of work:

1.A total of 4,000 hectares of cadastral work have been completed for the preparation and issuing of real estate documents, and all of these projects have been approved by both the Employer Office and the Registry Office. Compared to the previous mapping method, the current projects have been prepared with much higher quality, accuracy, and speed.

2.More than 600 kilometers of road work have been completed in various sections of the country to develop a topographic map for road construction and design; all of these projects have been approved by the Road and Urban Development Office. Furthermore, the quality, accuracy, and speed are far superior than that of land mapping.

3.For the aim of calculating volumes and visual views of the mining environment, more than 5000 hectares of mining and topographic projects have been accomplished. As a result of these projects, a strong bond has been formed between surveyors, geologists and miners. And this is solely due to the wide range of drone mapping tools available. Products such as three-dimensional model mosaic of the region, land elevation model file and even the surface to more than 2000 hectares of projects have been done for municipalities to produce a basic map, which has been highly regarded by the mentioned municipalities.

4.More than 3000 km of rural and inter-rural mapping, primary and secondary harvesting, installation and harvesting of metal pipes and polyethylene of power supply lines and networks have been completed to generate raw billet maps at scales of 1: 2000 and 1: 200, as well as metal line and grid billets, and eventually a GIS-ready map using novel methodologies and acceptable accuracy, all over the country.

Objectives and capabilities of the company:

  • Preparing a basic urban map for various urban designs and urban changes;
  • Knowing the number and location of electricity poles;
  • Knowing urban curbstone construction and wastewater drainage;
  • Having altitude codes in the whole region such as streets, passages, suburbs to check sloping;
  • Knowing altitude changes across the region, as well as knowing the amount of construction and surveying the area of properties and real estate;
  • Covering all roads, including dirt and asphalt, along with their length and width and all urban information, or in other words, a complete urban furniture;
  • Creating registered maps to issue title deeds which indicates the high accuracy of drone surveying.
  • Creating topographic maps for road planning;
  • Creating profiles and calculating volume;
  • Preparing a wide range of outputs, as opposed to ground mapping, which only offers one output: a mosaic image of the surface elevation model and natural ground.





Multi-frequency Receivers:




Total Stations:

Leica TS-06 5”

Sanding 762 R8Plus 2”


2 powerful processor system devices for processing aerial images.